Our pricing depends on three factors: the product, the application and the setup.

The product is the clothing or item which forms the base for your order.
The application is the method used to transfer your design on the products, such as print or embroidery.
The setup is the one-time fee for converting your artwork into a special format for our machinery to use. (also known as digitisation)

The larger the quantity you order, the lower the average cost per application becomes.

Please note each application has a different price depending on the type and quantity. For example, 1 item with 3 prints counts as 3 applications.

2024 Q1 Pricing

Application Pricing

Please find our price per application table below.

QtyPrint *EmbroideryEmbroidery
10k+ StitchesT
25k+ StitchesT
Quantity Examples

Pricing is based on the Total number of applications you have within your order.

A single t-shirt which has a print on the sleeve, front pocket and rear counts as 3 print applications and will be priced based on the 2-9 quantity.

If you have a mixture of products in your order that also contain prints, and for example total up to 35 prints, then you will pay the quantity price of “35-99” for each print.

* Printed Designs

Pricing is for designs not exceeding 40cm x 30cm.
Designs larger than this size require a bespoke quotation.

T High Stitch Count Designs

These are embroidery applications that exceed a certain level of stitch count to create. The higher the stitch count the longer it takes to apply a design.

Stitch counts that are higher than 35,000 stitches will need to be quoted for directly, please contact us for more information.

Setup Pricing

Please find below our setup costs table.

Setup TypeOne-off fee
Printed Design *FREE
Embroidery Design (Digitisation) **£15.00
* Low Quality Files/Images

Designs which are in a low quality format and are not suitable for printing will need to be reworked. In the event that this is required then we will notify you in advance and quote a price based on the complexity of the work required.

** Digitisation Fees

The cost of digitisation is waved (free) for orders that exceed 250 pieces.

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