Our Story

Founded in 2020, our existence came about through our founders becoming accustomed with the frustrations of attempting to source a reasonably priced, quality embroidery service with only a short deadline to work with.

With just over a week left until they were due to host a major sporting event, they discovered their current suppliers had just declared insolvency and were no longer answering calls.

The products they ordered just over a month earlier were already a week overdue and nowhere to be seen.

Accepting their fate, they started by spending the first two days scouring the internet for an alternative supplier. This meant endless calls, visiting offices and pleading with companies to take on their urgent workload, but unfortunately (or fortunately) they were met with disappointment and no visible light at the end of the tunnel.

Left with no options and shear desperation, they made the decision to take a blind leap of faith and purchased a second hand embroidery machine that they unexpectedly stumbled upon on a well known marketplace.

After the logistical nightmare of transporting almost a tonne in equipment, the next few days were spent tirelessly putting every effort into learning the processes, sourcing the required embroidery materials and preparing for a production run of hundreds of garments.

Almost a week of sleepless nights, they had managed to pull it off with only a few hours left to spare.

Luckily the event was a grand success and the garments were as good, or if not, better than everyone was expecting. Not bad for a first try.

Once the dust settled and after some well earned overdue sleep, it was obvious what had to be done next.

It was clear that there was room for some improvements in the market, and it was not much longer until they formulated a plan and LABroidery was born.

Founded with the intentions to help all businesses, small or large; the focus relies on quality, affordability and rapid lead times. LABroiderys aim is simple; to disrupt the market by challenge existing suppliers in all of these factors and bring life back into what appears to be a monopolised industry dominated by old-school and old-fashioned ways of working.

Two years later and it’s working, Labroidery is already winning contracts from other industry leaders and is entering another step further into its grand plan.

Recognising that investing in the team and machinery is only part of the story, LABroidery plans to prepare to make technological growths in the near future with the intention to set a clear divide between services offered by others and ourselves.